About Heidi Lee Acupuncture

Heidi Lee, L.Ac. is a California State licensed acupuncturist. She received her Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine degree (MSTCM) in 1999 from the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences in Oakland California; and has practiced acupuncture since that time. She is also a nationally certified Diplomate in Oriental Medicine. Her undergraduate studies focused on cultural anthropology and art. She has served her patients in Nipomo since 2009.

 Heidi’s patients enjoy her warm-hearted and friendly personality; as well as her down-to-earth hands-on approach. In her work, she often incorporates bodywork drawing on her vast experience in Asian and Western therapeutic massage styles. Additionally, she offers an option of a very gentle Japanese acupuncture technique called Contact Needling.  She studied this under Anryu Iwashina from Japan, affectionally referred to as “Dr. Bear” by his students; a respected master in this style of Japanese contact needling acupuncture.   This has become a favorite amongst patients who love the idea of acupuncture, but don’t like needles. Also, as needed, she makes use in her sessions of traditional modalities like herbs, cupping, and Asian bodywork.

Heidi received training and certification under the National Acupuncture Detoxification and Association (NADA) and spent her first years as an acupuncturist working with groups in substance abuse and addiction programs.  Currently, she is the acupuncturist for the Marion Cancer Center Wellness Program (MRCC) in Santa Maria; where she performs community style acupuncture for cancer treatment related issues for current and recovered cancer patients. Soon she will also be doing this at the Mathew Will Memorial Cancer Center in Arroyo Grande.  She loves working in group and community settings; and hopes to bring group treatments to Far West Acupuncture in the future.

Heidi began her work in the healthcare profession over 25 years ago as a Shiatsu therapist, which is a traditional Japanese acupressure massage style. This style incorporates the theory of TCM, meridians and some acupuncture points.  She practiced bodywork professionally since that time, and taught in massage schools and programs, as well. Based on her extensive experience and background, she has developed her own personal massage style that blends Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Deep Tissue, and Ashiatsu  — a style of barefoot massage/back walking. She offers her innovative massage sessions individually, or combined with acupuncture. She is a certified Massage Therapist (CMT) under the California Massage Therapy Council. 

Heidi’s personal hobbies include painting, crafts, personal growth studies, and tai chi. Her favorite loves are her family, friends, pets, nature, and her spiritual practice.  She also has a strong passion for appreciating the diversity of human cultures; for the environment, and for the earth and all the life on it!  She was motivated to become an acupuncturist, because she sought to find her calling on how to express her love for people and life in a way that best fit her energies and gifts.  When she was in her 20’s she assisted Dr. Marshal Ho’o in his acupuncture practice.  Dr. Ho’o was a renown tai chi master and acupuncturist.  She also studied Shiatsu, a Japanese acupressure massage, with Dr.Tsuneo Kaneko who is also a well-respected acupuncturist and famed Shiatsu massage instructor. Prior to embarking on her acupuncture studies, she worked under Dr. Pedro Chan, who was one of the very early authors and promoters of acupuncture in this country. Eventually, she decided to commit to the path of healing arts and acupuncture that she was already on; and she has stayed on this path ever since!